Available in October, 2008 from Double Edge Press:  The novel behind the series.




Calamity's Child

A Novel of the Frontier


The man who brought you the fantasy epic Speakers and Kings turns his attention to the future, delivering space opera with rare depth.   On the edge of the Human Hegemony lies the Frontier—the rough and tumble worlds where the law is spread too thin and the only real government is what people chose for themselves (usually none).  Yet despite the danger, there is also freedom and the infinite possibility of redemption.  Loyalty is the watchword and a man is as good as his word.  No more, no less.


Against the background of mankind's future expansion into space, Calamity's Child follows a young orphan and the family that grows around her as they struggle, internally and externally, to find their place in the Frontier...and insure no one takes it from them.


Originally released as a series in Ray Gun Revival magazine, Calamity's Child is finally available under one cover and can be purchased from most disreputable bookstores or the (reputable) publisher Double Edged Publishing.  If you want a signed copy for yourself or your loved one, email the author at MKeaton (at) archangelpress (dot) net. 






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            The enemy of my enemy is... Well, it's complicated.

            Sometimes opposites attract, sometimes they are merely a marriage of convenience, and sometimes they are flat-out lethal. More than just a buddy story about Ivan and Red Dog, the human-hating alien bounty hunter / killer, author M Keaton's Calamity's Child novel draws from classic sources to deliver a fresh take on the sort of throwback story that they just don't write anymore.

            When our space opera e-zine was just getting started, one story broke out from among the pack and reassured me that legitimate sci-fi authors understood what we were trying to do, and gave me hope that we might find some traction with like-minded fans of golden age sci-fi.  That story was "Subject Real," by M Keaton, and is the first chapter of the ambitious novel you now hold in your hands.  I am happy to report that its author is as much of a maverick as his characters.  In an era of shrinking readership, I admire anyone who has it in them to buck that trend.

            Where today's speculative fiction seems largely dominated by cyberpunk dystopia and Tolkienesque fantasies, M Keaton turns his gaze to the near future and the rough and tumble dangers of the new frontier of space where humans and aliens are thrown together in an epic struggle for survival and glory. There is a wealth of gritty tales to be told there, and he tackles the task with confidence and enthusiasm.

            This is a story not easily pigeon-holed into any one category. There is a lot going on here behind the scenes, with nods to history, philosophy, military tactics and strategy, and simple human Will in all its implacable ferocity.  I like a story that makes me want to know more about the unwritten back story, and with M, one gets the impression that there is much he hasn't yet shared with us.  M writes with the savvy wiles of a Mike Resnick and the energetic buzz of a John Scalzi, managing the neat trick of marrying the best of the past with the freshness of the cutting edge present.

            One thing is certain, with the adventures of Ivan and Red Dog and the colorful characters of the last frontier, you can take the human out of Earth, but you can't take the Earth out of humans.  

            God help us all.


Johne Cook

Editor, Ray Gun Revival magazine

Breezeway, WI

September 2008






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